New York - Stüssy Spring '17 by Tyrone Lebon

Photographer Tyrone Lebon’s multi-year mission to shoot Stüssy’s world tour cities has taken him to Los Angeles, Tokyo, Kingston, and last season, Paris. For the final leg of the tour, Lebon, with styling by Tom Guinness, serves up a thick and juicy slice of NYC, where the roots of the International Stüssy Tribe go several decades deep.

In signature editorial style, Lebon’s campaign for the Spring ‘17 collection delivers another subtly surreal take on contemporary urban life. Skitching borough to borough and spending some time with locals like Princess Nokia in Harlem, Stoya with King Kong, the Guardian Angels safety patrol, and Nicky Hilton Rothschild, elements of the iconic and the everyday bleed and blend together. Coupled with the return of select vintage graphic treatments, the Spring ‘17 campaign pays tribute to the long legacy of loose living with Stüssy New York.

The collection will be available at Chapter Stores and on Friday, February 10th.