Stüssy Holiday 2017 Lookbook

Holiday 2017 sees Stüssy examining global subcultures through a California lens. From the dishevelled prep of the Mods, to the sporty yet muted psychedelia of Madchester, style cues from musical movements that may have once been at odds find themselves working together here in harmony.

This collection is all about the beauty in contrast. Staple outerwear pieces such as Down Puffers and Flight Jackets are served up in traditional Fall hues, but underneath these guardian garments the base layers are still very much in bloom. Mushroom Print Rayon Shirting, Poppy emblazoned denim and atmospheric Fleece are just a few examples of the seasons’ whimsical take on prints, dying, and embroidery. These garments also serve as a friendly reminder that although Stüssy is worn primarily in urban playgrounds, they never forget the natural world that served as the brands initial inspiration.

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Patrick Littlestussy